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Campus parking rules

CAMPUS Parking Rules

  1. General Information

    1. These Campus Parking Rules regulate the conduct of all individuals who drive and/or park motor vehicles in a parking lot located on a campus of either The Durham College of Applied Arts and Technology (DC) or Ontario Tech University (Ontario Tech). All individuals who drive on college or university property and/or use the parking facilities are subject to and agree to abide by, these Campus Parking Rules and to any other parking rules located on campus or on the college or university websites.
    2. These Campus Parking Rules are subject to amendment without notice from time to time. It is your responsibility to regularly review these Campus Parking Rules for any changes.
    3. The Durham College Parking Services Office ( Parking Services) is responsible for every parking lot on campus. Parking Services is an ancillary unit committed to offering parking facilities and services similar or superior to the standards, convenience, and flexibility offered at similar post-secondary institutions.
    4. Parking Services offers the following parking payment options: annual, semester, and daily parking rates. Guest permits are also available for purchase through Parking Services. 
    5. All rates for service (HST included) are approved by the college and the university and are subject to periodic changes.
    6. Support is available 24 hours per day, seven days per week by pressing the ‘help’ button located at each parking gate and each pay-on-foot machine.
    7. Parking service options, lot locations, and space availability are subject to change as required by the college and the university, and as facilitated by Parking Services. In some instances, accommodation may need to be made for special events.
    8. All parking lots are monitored by video cameras.

    1. Each DC and Ontario Tech campus, including every parking lot located on campus, is PRIVATE PROPERTY. The college and the university each reserves the right to control motor vehicle use on campus and to control parking in a parking lot. Driving and parking on campus may only occur in accordance with these Campus Parking Rules.
    2. Provincial and municipal laws and by-laws applicable to a college or university campus will be enforced to ensure the safety of all drivers and pedestrians on campus.
    3. The safe, courteous, prudent care and control of vehicles on campus is the responsibility of the drivers. Neither the college nor the university assumes responsibility for any damage or loss to vehicles or contents, however, caused, while on DC or Ontario Tech property.
    4. The speed limit on campus roads is 25 km/hour. Pedestrians have the right-of-way at all crosswalks.
    5. Every motor vehicle­­—including motorcycles—must pay for parking. Paid parking is in effect seven days a week, 24 hours a day unless specified otherwise.
    6. All vehicles parking in Accessible Parking areas must pay for parking and must display the appropriate accessibility parking identification issued to the driver.
    7. Trailers, buses, and commercial trucks are not allowed to park without pre-authorization. Bicycles should only be parked in racks provided on campus. Bicycles found inside buildings or chained to trees, posts, etc. will be relocated to the closest bicycle rack.
    8. All vehicles using parking facilities on campus must have valid license plates and current government-issued validation stickers.
    9. Gates at each parking lot will be down at all times unless raised by Parking Services for maintenance or a scheduled event.
    10. Parking is only permitted in designated parking spots. Parking in corners, aisles, ends of aisles, hash lined or other signed ‘no parking’ areas is not permitted.

    1. A student or employee of the college or the university may purchase a parking access device (proxy card, hang tag, or transponder). The device will grant access to a specific parking lot and/or for a specific time period. All parking access devices remain the property of the college or university, as appropriate and are solely for the use of the party to whom they were issued and valid only for the vehicle(s) registered. Parking access devices are not to be re-sold or re-distributed between parkers. If a vehicle change occurs, Parking Services must be contacted.
    2. Unless previously arranged, a parking access device can only be used in the designated parking lot. Failure to do so could result in a Parking Ticket being issued.
    3. A parking access device (hang-tag option only) must be correctly displayed in the vehicle at all times.
    4. A parking access device, daily or hourly stub, or other proof of payment of parking must be provided to a Parking Services employee or agent upon request.
    5. A parking access device may not be issued to any registered owner/driver, or for any vehicle, with unpaid parking fines or a parking ban in effect, or if the vehicle does not have a valid license plate and current government-issued validation sticker.

    1. An unauthorized or improperly parked motor vehicle will be ticketed and/or towed at the vehicle owner’s risk and expense. Unauthorized parking in accessible spots or fire routes may result in the issuance of a City of Oshawa or Town of Whitby ticket, and/or the towing of the vehicle. Precise Parklink and Paragon Security (for fire route and accessible parking violations) have been authorized to issue tickets for parking violations.
    2. Repeated parking violations will result in the issuance of fines, the towing of the vehicle, the withdrawal of parking privileges, the issuance of a Trespass to Property Act notice, and/or the stoppage of services (e.g. withholding student records).  
    3. A vehicle displaying an altered parking access device, or a device reported lost or stolen, will be ticketed and towed on sight, and the owner of the vehicle will be liable for all charges. Parkers found using a parking access device for which they are not registered will face serious consequences, including potentially losing all parking privileges.
    4. Any damage caused to campus property by a vehicle will result in an invoice being issued to the owner of the vehicle in the amount necessary to replace or repair the damaged property.
  5. Tailgating

    The term ‘tailgating’ (wherever used in this document) is defined as a situation where a vehicle exits a gated lot in a purposeful manner so as to avoid the requisite payment for parking services.

    Tailgating refers to but is not limited to, situations where a vehicle:

        • Is driven and follows behind a paid parker, and exits a gated lot, without paying.
        • Is driven under or around the gate and exits without paying.
        • Is driven through the gate and exits without paying.

    Tailgating also refers to drivers of paying vehicles who are evidenced to be orchestrating or facilitating a vehicle following them to tailgate.

        • For the first tailgating offence, a $40 invoice will be mailed to the owner of the relevant vehicle.
        • For a second tailgating offence, a $300 invoice will be mailed to the owner of the relevant vehicle. In addition, the vehicle will be banned from every college and Ontario Tech premise pursuant to the Trespass to Property Act (Ontario). If the vehicle enters university premise while the ban is in effect, the owner of the vehicle will be guilty of an offence and on conviction liable to a fine of not more than $2,000. In addition, if the vehicle enters a parking lot while the ban is in effect, the college and the university reserves the right to tow the vehicle off-site, immediately and without notice; the vehicle will only be recoverable at the expense of the vehicle’s owner. The ban on the vehicle will not be lifted until payment of every invoice issued by Parking Services relating to the vehicle has been made in full and Parking Services is satisfied that the matter has been settled.

Parking Services is interested in positive inquiry, input, and suggestions, and is pleased to assist in developing proactive solutions to parking and access challenges at all times. Parking Services can be contacted as follows:

Durham College Parking Services Office
Hours of operation: Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Gordon Willey Building
2000 Simcoe Street North
Oshawa, Ontario
L1H 7K4
905.721.2000 ext. 2145